There are two types of text on the website. Current regions that are directly on a page or on page properties from, and system-produced texts, which are translated using a text editor tool.

To a text on a content page, you need to turn on the page eriting mode. See "editing pages" for that.

For editing automatic texts (like buttons and other text strings) you need to go to adminstrator panel.

Adminstrator panel

This is how adminstrator panel looks like. Click translations to continue.

Adding translations

Select the language you wish to translate on the menu. Then select missing words list, and click apply. 

You will get a list of missing words. If there is not a translation for a word, the system will automatically show an english word on it's place.

Translating word

On the words list, you can see all the words. On the column translation you can double click the word and just write your translation. Remember to click ok to save your work!

Page updated: 11.12.2020