Creating versatile websites is our essence

For close to two decades we have developed an innovative software framework, which enables us to create websites and web applications limited only by imagination. A web app in its basic form is a website. Behind a modern website you can always find some type of a Content Management System to update and manage the site contents and structure. Currently the best known example on the market is Wordpress. Our environment is called iCMS, based on our scalable framework. Compared to others, it is easy to tailor, easy to use and includes a suite of advanced features, such as it's flexible user access management system, or the way we handle relations between data objects. 

The websites we create are always responsive, mobile-friendly and whenever required - natively support multiple languages.

Our service model includes keeping the framework and CMS systems for the hosted websites up to date. This means your website is always at the forefront of technical development. The visual layout, functionality and content can be edited independently. This means that when the time will come to do a touch-up or redesign of your site's visual appearance, it can be done relatively effortlessly when compared to periodically revamping the whole website.

Creating a website on iCMS

iCMS is our always up-to-date Content Management system. It allows you to provide your clients high quality service and user experiences online.
iCMS soffers versatile solutions for creating and maintaining online services and communicating online.
It forms a solid base for  e-business and marketing.
With an iCMS-based website, you get an easy-to-maintain online service package that can be expanded as needed.

A typical iCMS project consists of a set of four basic elements, according to which our price list has also been built.

The four elements are

  1. Visual design
  2. Structural implementation
  3. iCMS System setup
  4. Sected content modules

On top of these, you only need to select a suitable hosting solution.

Let's get started!

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