Multinational Projects

Visualising Skills and Learning Paths and supporting acknowledgement of competences - VISUAL PATHS

Breakout Challenges for Developing Transversal Skills - XCAPE

Youth Card - evidence-based tool for improving youth work and activating youth - YOUTH CARD

Supporting youth to manage their digital & social media presence - TRACES

Stories, Tales and Customs to Raise Intercultural Awareness - PAST-TIMES

Reducing Workplace Stress for Young People by Building Career Management Skills - UNWIND

Tacit knowledge emerging for a sustainable valorisation of the cultural heritage in rural and peripheral communities - VALoR

Using Artistic Disciplines for Educational and Social Inclusion - Art4Inc

Pedagogy for Workforce Transition - RESET

Digital Media - A Bridge to Inclusion - DIME

Raising awareness of how radicalization happens for greater individual safety and country security - HEADS-UP

Micro-enterprise Learning Partnerships - ME2ME

Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in Adults through Communication Technologies - REACT

Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurship in the Creative Sector - SHADOWS

Career Management Skills - a new literacy for employment - ACUMEN

Beyond Retirement - A Migrant Integration Resource - BRAMIR

Youth for Europe Harnessing the power of digital media tools to prevent the radicalisation of vulnerable youth - CONCORDIA

Green Entrepreneurship Training - Underpinning Prosperity - GET-UP

The Digital Workplace - DIGIPLACE


Creative Approach to Key Competence Building for Marginalized Young Adults - CRE8IVE

Previous Projects

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2013-2015 B-Entrepreneur  (Lifelong Learning Programme Key Action 4)  Read more

2012 – 2014 Under My Wing (Leonardo da Vinci) Read more

2011 – 2013 Netbox Project (Lifelong Learning Programme Key Action 3 Read more

2011 – 2013 Digital Latin Quarter (Grundtvik) Read more