Our online learning platform fits a suite of different learning styles and needs - and especially well for gamifying learning experiences

the eLearning or Online Learning Environment is a versatile expansion module of our iCMS system. It enables transforming different types of learning contents into an online form, tracking and assessing learning, and providing learners with Open Badges - compatible badges.

The Online Learning Environment incorporates a decade worth of development work and it has been tested in about 30 different Erasmus+ and Lifelong Learning projects for delivering learning resources in all European languages, catering for many different target groups.

The latest page in our development work is support for Visual dictionary contents in the SWIM-project.

Online escape challenges

Online escape rooms and challenges are a hot topic of the day.
Our learning environment enables transforming learning contents into linked escape challenges that form playable learning paths. The possibilities include scoring, team work and adapting the challenges visually to the themes discussed.

Tracking learning and providing badges

Our Learning Environment tracks the time used by student in each section of the learning units and enables mid-evaluations and assignments to asseess learning. Information about the Learning Outcomes can be linked for each course, and this information can be used to provide learners with badges.

Our system creates digital badges in Open Badges - compatible format, which allows the learners to download and place the awarded badges in their own "badge backpacks".


Gamified learning

  • Neuro-Guide (Hub Karelia Oy)
  • Neet-System (Hub Karelia Oy)

Learning resources for educators and youth

  • Medialukutaitokurssit nuorille - Traces

Health sector

  • On-Call (Hub Karelia Oy)