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Creating versatile websites is our essence
Our online learning platform fits a suite of different learning styles and needs - and especially well for gamifying learning experiences

Innoventum Oy

  • Founded in  2001
  • Offices in Joensuu and Helsinki, Finland
  • Staff consists of highly skilled IT developers
  • Specialised in developing web-based applications
  • Client base ranges from small to large enterprises, universities  and government institutions

International Projects

We are involved in several Erasmus+ projects, currently also coordinating the SWIM project which aims to develop a Visual dictionary online learning tool. International development projects play an important role for us; in part they enable us to develop and test new technical innovations. These projects also create open learning contents, which are available for everybody. International projects are for us also a form of taking social responsibility.

You can read more about our current and past projects on the EU projects page.

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