2022-09-01 - 2024-08-31


The specific objectives defined are as follow:

SO1: To co-design an innovative, inclusive and sustainable upskilling training programme for adults in the rural areas. Adults in rural areas face barriers and challenges related to the depopulation of rural areas and the devaluation of agrarian and peasant culture in Europe, all aggravated by a more difficult access to specialised training and education. This SO comes as a response for this need, and related to the main priority of Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education.
SO2: To contribute to the recovery of the agrotourism sector through innovation and the collaboration with other sectors based on principles like green sustainability and social inclusion.
Agrotourism and experiential tourism, represent a new approach of sustainable tourism, alleviating overexploitation of resources and local communities and specialising in sustainable local product and services. Thus, restoring value to local products from rural areas, environments and landscapes. This concept, link to local producers, offers a new way for vulnerable groups to face the challenges and reach new opportunities. This SO comes as a response for this need, and related to the main priority of Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport
SO3: To improve the employability and entrepreneurial mindset of different generations adults in the agrotourism sector. As mentioned before, agrotourism and experiential tourism represent a great opportunity for rural areas and their communities, this sector opens up new markets linked to rural and experiential tourism and it also increases employment opportunities, particularly for women, young and adult people. Training out target groups this skills will allow them to seize these opportunities. This SO comes as a response for this need, and related to the main priority of creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations
In order to achieve these objectives, the main results of the project include:
-Map of resources and key actors in the field
-An innovative curriculum on agrotourism entrepreneurship, based on common needs and expectations.
-The digital platform for an innovative and accessible delivery of the training materials
-A European network of innovation agents in Agrotourism, formed by key mentors in agrotourism at European level that will support the replication of the project.