Supporting youth to manage their digital & social media presence - TRACES

2019-06-01 - 2021-01-31


The digital revolution is transforming the way young people play, access information, communicate and learn. Youth today have unprecedented learning opportunities. Digital and social media literacy training is now necessary to ensure that young Europeans can harness the potential of online opportunities to build skills, careers and relationships effectively but also safely.

The main objectives of TRACES are

  1.  to support the continuous professional development of youth professionals;
  2.  to develop key digital and social media literacy training material for youth with fewer opportunities; 
  3. to create a policy paper to advocate for the promotion of responsible digital citizenship of youth with fewer opportunities.

To achieve this, the four project partners will develop and pilot innovative tools and five main intellectual outputs:

1. Digital and Social Media Literacy Curriculum Resources;
2. In-service Training Programme Handbook;
3. Collaborative online Learning Database;
4. Policy Paper "Policy recommendations on the promotion of digital citizenship for all young people through digital youth work in Cyprus, Finland, Ireland and Romania";
5. Guidelines for Youth Workers working with Digital Media.

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