Cyber security starts from a professionally maintained service platform.

Hosting services

Innoventum hosting packages provide everything required for developing and maintaining a website. We offer a one-stop shop for domain registration, DNS services, server space and databases.

Our  backed-up server platform is a safe choice for your website. Our servers are physically located in Outokumpu, Finland, making the geographic location ideal for Nordic and European audiences.

Many hosting providers have separate price tags for databases, junk mail filtering or virus scanning. With us they are always included in every hosting package.                                                                                      
Our hosting services are especially great when combined with an iCMS website.

Our idea is to cover all the issues and needs related for web hosting and respond quickly to any queries - you don't have to hunt down the provider for different aspects included in the field of hosting when it's always us.

Virtual servers

If you require a dedicated plaftorm, but not necessarily your own physical device, a virtual server might be the right solution for you.With a virtual server, you share the same physical server, but on operating system level it appears just like a stand-alone device. You will not notice any difference!

Our service offering includes virtual servers for different types of needs - we provide you with a server with administrator privileges, running on the operating system of your choice readily installed. From there you can adapt and tailor the environment to fit your needs. 

You can also get the virtual server with a maintenance package to have us manage updates and backups for you.

For services expecting heavy loads we also offer dedicated server options.

Standard hosting services

Our standard hosting includes

  • disk space on server
  • DNS services for a domain
  • e-mail service with spam and virus filters
  • web-based admin console for email addresses
  • webmail  (Horde, RoundCube)
  • Option to execute PHP and Perl software on the server.
  • Usage for streaming is not allowed.

Sample: Mini Hosting

  • Disk space 500MB
  • 5 mailboxes, up to 1GB storage

prices from 120€ /year (10€/month)

Premium Hosting

  • Disk space 1Gb
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes, up to 1 GB storage

prices from 150€ / year (12,50€/month)


Service includes

  • Website hosting on iCMS system
  • iCMS -licence (updates of the system)
  • iCMS administration console for full control over the website contents
  • disk space on the server
  • DNS services for one internet domain 
  • Registration fees for one domain (standard top level domains)
  • e-mail service with spam and virus filters

  • web-based admin console for email addresses

  • webmail (Horde, RoundCube)

  • MySQL database for the iCMS system


  • 1-10GB of disk space
  • 10 -  unlimited inboxes (disk usage 1-10gb)

 iCMS Hosting - packages starting at 300€ / yeari (25€/month) 

All prices are excluding VAT 24%.

VirtuaL services


  • 1 processor core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB disk space

price from 75€ / kk


  • 2 processor cores
  • 1GB RAM
  • 100GB disk space

Operating services

We provide operating services for the virtual services with hourly billing for 80€ / hour
As an example, configuring e-mail services, MySQL database and Apache web service and setting up a client website takes typiclly about four hours. A popular Virtual hosting with Operating services - package is Mini Virtual Hosted, which includes the server resource and management, for 150€ per month.This includes a Virtual server as in the Mini Virtual - service, and up to 1.5 of operating services as required.

The hourly billing for our Hosted – operating services is as low as 60€.