We design and produce websites, web shops, online databases and Customer Messaging & Relations Management tools.

Solutions for your needs, delivered cost-efficiently.

We are also involved in several EU-funded projects as a technical partner.

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We have strong experience and a good track record in web based video, especially Webcasting services production and development.

Keep your eyes open for our upcoming Vidcast portal!


ERP and Time Tracking

Hourglass is our Time Tracking product developed for the SME sector.

Hourglass makes tracking and invoicing work time, tasks and projects a breeze.

It is also an excellent solution for project reporting.

We'll be happy to tell you more!

Innoventum Oy

  • Founded in  2001
  • Offices in Joensuu and Helsinki, Finland
  • Staff consists of highly skilled IT developers
  • Specialised in developing web-based applications
  • Client base ranges from small to large enterprises, universities  and government institutions

Our services include

  • Website design and production on our
    iCMS Content Management Platform
  • Webasting Service
  • Consulting Services
  • Website and Media Hosting